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    Something I wonder every time I see the Metzen quote: if WoD is a boy’s party, how will there be room for me?
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    I think Garrosh is their first attempt at a villain who doesn’t fit into the standard “Gone crazy” motif (as in he’s not...
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    This is the second worst thing about the Blizzard writers, to my mind. The worst being the fact they can’t seem to show...
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    That doesn’t excuse the lazy storytelling. One they’ve used repeatedly through nearly every expansion. Time to get a new...
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    And the problem with responses like “Snowfox” gave above is that those are what, 4 characters? 6 if you include Tyrande...
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    Personally, after yesterday on Twitter, I’m sick of being told to “wait and see.” If they can make a website and images...
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    Yeah. Aggra deserves to be in WoD 1000% more than Thrall. Let her strap Thrall Jr to her back like Dezco did with his...
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    Also, can we also point out the fact that its sooooo important for Thrall to be able to see his parents and clan and...
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    This…..this post just wins and is so true as of how WoW stands right now. >_
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    one of many reasons that i’m losing interest in this game :(
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    Posts from Community Manager Nethaera are not going to make this problem go away. When males outnumber females on a...
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