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So, as you may have seen, despite being beset by the rebellion of all the sensible people in the Horde and a seige on Orgrimmar on two fronts, Garrosh manages to send a few ships Stormwind’s way where they have a merry time destroying Stormwind.

Yes, that is a horde ship parked in Stormwind Harbor.  No, there are no alliance NPCs to be seen.  Yes, those are fires everywhere, including the Cathedral of Light.

All I have to say to this is: what the fuck, Blizzard?  Seriously, what the fuck?

Is this supposed to get alliance players riled up to go fight Garrosh?  Apparently, the destruction of Theramore, the ease with which the Horde infiltrated Darnassus, the destruction of Lordaeron, the destruction of Southshore, the destruction of Ashenvale, the destruction of Gilneas, and the maiming of the Crown Prince of Stormwind were not enough?

Is _this_ the thing that finally gets Wrynn angry?  The destruction of the human race?  Because seriously, that’s what this is.  Stormwind is the last human outpost of any significance in all of Azeroth.  What do we do now, retreat to Lakeshire and hope the shiny new bridge protects us?

Last I checked, 54% of Warcraft characters were alliance.  18% of the total were human.  Can you throw us a fucking bone, Blizzard?  Can you give us a leader that isn’t so fucking patient about acting that he finds his throne engulfed in flames before deciding “Hey, maybe I should do something about that Garrosh fellow”?

This is beyond stupid.  Alliance lore since Cataclysm can be summed up in two words: “submissive masochism”.  Has the alliance done a single fucking thing since Wrath ended that indicates it has any desire to continue existing on Azeroth?

Every time something horrible happens to the alliance I ask myself “Is this the thing that finally makes Wrynn wake up?”  ”Is this the thing that finally angers Tyrande?”  ”Is this the thing that make the dwarves stick their heads out of Ironforge?”  Time after time again the answer has been no.

By the time 6.0 rolls around I fully expect murlocs to be a playable race alliance side, instantly becoming the most powerful faction.  They seem to have more competent leadership.

edit: As Snacks notes, all of this supposes that 1) This thing goes live, and 2) it represents actual lore of game as opposed to some “dream” of Garrosh.  Personally, I think it’s a logical progression of Blizzard’s depiction of the Alliance as spineless masochists, but certainly we shall see.

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  • snackerston said: I’m hesitant to cry foul, only because Adriacraft is really bad at context for single pictures. Could very well be a thing akin to Yogg-Saron’s brain room images during the Garrosh/Y’Shaarj fight? Could be scenario for the Timeless Isle? Very curious
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